Ideal Insurance for Sailing Enthusiasts!

If you’re a lover of the open ocean and sailing to wherever your heart desires then lucky for you, the Yacht and Pleasure Craft Insurance Policy offered by Marathon Insurance Brokers could be the ideal coverage you’ve been searching the seas for!
We offer a Yacht and Pleasure Crafts Policy that’s as modern as today’s sailing enthusiasts- their lifestyles and concerns.
Our Coverage protects you and your vessel along with the gear, equipment and machinery against loss or damage caused by a wide range of perils. We also offer sighting expenses, salvage and other charges, clause for pollution hazard, medical expenses and death benefits.

The ideal policy for sailing enthusiasts comprises of all the factors of your lifestyle on the sea that matter to you.

Therefore, building a Yacht and Pleasure craft policy with us is customized for you, by you, with the help of our trusted and experienced team, guiding you every step of the way. Your perfect policy is built, taking into consideration all the essentials you want to keep a-float.

We check the seas and test the tides far and wide to ensure that the way is clear for each of our valued customers. Set sail with Marathon!

Protect What Matters Most! (How Important Is Your Home?)

One of our innate purposes as human beings is to protect what matters most, to us. It’s subconsciously engraved and even guides us in identifying our priorities.

Contrary to popular belief, home insurance, unlike car insurance, is not a requirement by law. You can legally own a home, without homeowners insurance.

The thought, however, of leaving the meeting place for your family, where you share love, memories and precious time together, wide open to the back door of risk, it need not be mandatory. We were made to protect!

Here at Marathon, your values are what guide every consideration we make when serving you. The coverage of your property depends greatly on a policy designed for you and the protection of your home. There is nothing like a natural disaster to test just what your property insurance is made of. You’ve heard many stories of rude awakenings, with policies not covering as much as one thought it would. The last thing you would want, should your business suffer the misfortune of a loss, is a delay in getting back on track.

Marathon’s first concern is you. We provide a full array of products and services customized to suit the needs of our clients. Before contracts are signed, we investigate your specific business needs, the risks seen and unseen that are involved and through our local and international insurance and reinsurance partners source appropriate insurance and risk management assessment and appraisal services.

The next time you think of the structure you call home, consider if your current policy is strong enough to support it.

Securing Tomorrow…Today

Marathon Insurance Brokers is one of the largest brokers in Jamaica with over twenty five (25) years experience. We represent a wide range of Property, Casualty & Employee Benefit Insurances.

We know the business of insurance and we know how to meet the needs of our customers. Marathon is committed to assisting you in “securing tomorrow, today”. The big question, however, is ‘how much do you know about insurance?’ the importance, the benefits, the financial security it can provide for you, your family and also your business; let us enlighten your darkness.

Insurance can reduce financial stress. No one knows what tomorrow may bring and unforeseen tragedies such as illness, injury, permanent disability, natural disaster or even death can lead to tremendous stress and grief. With insurance in place, Marathon will ensure that you or your family’s financial stress will be reduced, and you can focus on recovery and rebuilding your lives. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have guaranteed financial assistance from Marathon, should anything happen to your family or business.

There’s always a fear for sudden loss but insurance provides safety and security and reduce uncertainties in businesses and human lives.

Knowing the importance and benefits of insurance is one thing but being reluctant to act is another. Don’t wait until after a tragedy before you seek indemnity; as the saying goes, ‘it is better to be safe than sorry’. Marathon is here to help you in making the best decisions in maintaining financial stability and gaining security against potential risks. With Marathon, tomorrow starts now! Hence, our slogan ‘securing tomorrow…today’

The Dark World of Cyber Risks

Many businesses today, are keeping up with the vast changes in technology. As a business owner you want to advance your company and its operations through the use of technology, social media and transactions over the internet. This also plays a key role in how most organizations conduct business and reach out to prospective customers.

However, there is a downside whereas; those vehicles can serve as a gateway to the “dark world of cyber risks”. The sad truth is that your business is at risk of being targeted and taken down by hackers; business interruption, data loss/destruction, computer fraud and/or cyber extortion; dark world indeed, right?

Fret not thyself, Marathon Insurance Brokers can keep your business on stable financial ground should a significant security event occur; what you need is cyber risk insurance! But what is cyber risk insurance? In case you are overwhelmed with curiosity, cyber risk insurance is also referred to as cyber insurance policy or cyber liability insurance coverage. It is designed to help an organization mitigate risk exposure by offsetting costs involved with recovery after a cyber-related security breach or similar event. Many policies include both first-party and third-party coverage. First-party coverage applies to losses sustained by your company directly. Third-party coverage applies to claims against your firm by people who have been injured as a result of your actions or failure to act.

It is important to note that as part of a risk management plan, organizations must decide which risks to avoid, accept, control or transfer. Transferring risk is where Marathon comes into play. We will help you in getting the best cyber insurance policy for your company. It’s a “dark world” so let us help you secure tomorrow, today.

Marathon’s first concern is YOU!

Manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or restaurant owner? If yes, then you need Product Liability Insurance.

Businesses are like individuals; you try your best to avoid leaving yourself opened to the elements of life – then why leave your business at risk?

Product Liability Insurance is like health insurance for a company – It helps cover the costs when a product you sell hurts someone or makes them sick. Don’t get caught slacking! Anything can happen at any time; it’s better to be prepared.

Product Liability Insurance is designed to help protect your business from liabilities associated with:

  • Wrongful death
  • Food borne illnesses
  • Product injury lawsuits
  • Injuries suffered by bystanders
  • Illnesses from toxins in products
  • Property damage caused by defective products

Very few organizations recover from a major Product Liability claim. Where large numbers of persons are affected, Marathon will conduct a full risk analysis and design a program that’s effective and yet affordable… Make the call today. Marathon…#SecuringTomorrowToday

Are you treating your Employees right?

Ok, stay with me here.

Are you treating your employees right? All employers need to ask themselves this question. If there is a shadow of a doubt, then you need to ensure your business is covered.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance protects employers from financial losses that are a result of employees who embezzle, commit forgery, fraud or steal directly from a company. Protection offered by Fidelity Guarantee Insurance can be designed to cover all employees or just an individual worker or position within a company.

Needless to say, no employee would willingly want to hurt their place of work – but some employees do actually bite and not just bark.

This is why it is important to establish trust between employer and employee. In the end, it’s beneficial to both parties.

Useful Tips to Find the Right Insurance Broker for Your Hotel Business

Hi reader! We thought the information presented in this blog posted by would be helpful for whether you own a hotel or thinking about it.

It might be difficult to find the right insurance broker for your hotel business, but it pays off in the end.

It’s always better to spend some time searching for the perfect one, rather than choosing the first one you run into.

A wrong choice can easily bring everything you did down and left you with irreparable damage. Here are a few useful tips to find the right insurance broker for your hotel business!

Determine your hotel insurance needs

Before you set out on your search for the perfect insurance broker, you need to ask yourself what kind of insurance your hotel needs.

Take a look at everything involved with your hotel and make a list – for example, you may need affordable auto insurance if you have transport or shuttle vans.

Create a list of insurance brokers offering hotel insurance

The brokers you look at should be specialized in providing hotel insurance.

Make sure you ask for references of other hotels like yours that they have serviced – and follow up on those references.

Take your broker to task

Before settling on any one broker, try to see how well each would handle the situation.

Show them everything that needs to be insured and carefully observe how they act. It’ll help you to assess their level of experience.

Determine whether they have business sense

Not all brokers know how to conduct business. You might find one that will request outrageous amounts of money to provide insurance for your property.

You shouldn’t need to haggle with insurance brokers, so having a few competitive quotes at hand is best practice.

Assess their claims management skills

If you hire a broker that isn’t good with managing claims (handling the situation in the event of loss of property, compensation, etc.) – you won’t be happy with how things turn out.

Ask their references how well they’ve managed claims in the past. Nothing short of a good track record is acceptable.

Be prepared for loss

As scary as it seems, understand that losing your property or income is a possibility that you should be prepared for.

Look for experienced agents

People that have experience and those that know what to do, even if more expensive, is the best bet for your accommodation business.

The more experience the agent has, the more money they will cost – but they will also do their job better.

Finding the perfect insurance broker takes research

You can’t expect to find the right insurance broker instantly. Sure, you might run into one that’s excellent very quickly. However, there might be better alternatives. It’s smarter to spend more time doing research about brokers!

Final words

If you’re a small hotel, your budget is limited, so you needn’t find a the most expensive or most experienced broker.

These expensive brokers usually work for very popular, and big companies so try to find one that has the best mix of price, experience, and service. Good luck!

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Author Bio

Joel Cordle is CEO of review leap. He is serious about his online presence. He likes to be active in social media market so he always keeps himself updated about the strategies used for presence. As he enjoys reading and writing about marketing and online reputation, his hobby is to write different blogs about reviews, ratings, negative feedback, gain loyalty, etc. He is a good advisor and he keeps suggesting people about how one can develop his online personality.

What is an Insurance Broker?

An Insurance Broker is a professional who offers, negotiates, and sells policies, acting as the middle man between insurers and customers.

One of the roles of brokers is to help consumers to assess the types of risks they face. Risks include natural hazards such as bad weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods. At the same time, brokers act on behalf of and in the interest of customers.

Comparison shopping is done to find the best deals and offer policies from more than one insurance company. Brokers also help their clients to outline risk management strategies, which are suitable for their profile. There are different types of risk to look into, including natural disasters, car accidents, credit risks, cash flow problems, legal liabilities, and others.

Insurance brokers discuss with clients and gather information for them. This is important as to understand their specific needs. Negotiations are done with insurance companies to be able to offer the best terms and premiums to clients.

The obligation of an Insurance Broker is to YOU the client; not the insurance company.

*Insurance premiums are underwritten by various insurance companies

Marathon takes to the streets of Kingston!

Marathon took to the streets of Kingston along the intersection of Trafalgar and Hope Road on Thursday, December 5, 2019, to promote the newly launched online platform,

The platform allows for choice, price and convenience for the consumer. Not to mention that you’ll be able to save up to 60% or more on motor insurance!

Marathon Speaks on Newly Launched Online Platform

Attending their first official event for the 3-month long campaign for MIBinsure, Auto Pub’s Christmas Sales Event on Saturday, December 7, 2019, held on location at 7 Braemar Avenue, our team did an interview with Kool 97 FM.

Interviewed were Communications Officer, Shannon Samuda and Producer, Llamond DeCambre.

Marathon in the Sunshine City!

Our MIBinsure team took to the streets of the sunshine city of Portmore along Portmore Parkway (Portmore Mall) on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, to promote the newly launched online platform,

The platform allows for choice, price and convenience for the consumer. Not to mention that you’ll be able to save up to 60% or more on motor insurance!

The platform also allows for the renewal of policies.

Is Your Property Insured?

You may ask yourself, when should I insure my property?

The answer is IMMEDIATELY!

Your business or home are two of the biggest and perhaps the most costly investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime, and as a home or business owner, it seems financially irresponsible to not purchase property insurance.

Then there’s…Why should I insure my property?

The most important reason to purchase property insurance is the uncertainty of the future, as you can’t predict what will happen in the next moment. If these doesn’t “sway” you, then maybe the below will:

  • Natural perils can strike anytime – Unfortunately, natural calamities, like flood, earthquake, cyclone, etc.; are the reality of today’s life.
  • Man-made risks can cause severe damages – Many times, even trendiest safety gadgets and security equipments fail to secure your property. As a result, man-made threats like riots, terrorism, strike, thefts, etc.; can arise anytime.
  • Business loss can arise to disrupt your growth – Imagine a scenario, where you would have to face heavy losses due to the breakdown of your machinery. In such a case, if you have a suitable office insurance policy, you would be able to get a compensation against business loss incurring during the time-period.
  • Accidental damages can arise – While most of the people do not pay heed towards this point, however, office equipments like furniture, appliances, etc.; can cost a lot if you put them together. Hence, getting content insurance is necessary to get financial coverage in case of any loss or damage.

You might want to take heed and have knowledge of the least preferred times to purchase Property Insurance.

  • Beginning or during a Hurricane Season
  • Threat of a Hurricane to the island: It is less likely that Insurance companies will accept policies during this time

Note that during these times, the insurance premiums are very high.



Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 1

We, at Marathon Insurance Brokers (MIB), have remained committed to excellent insurance brokerage service over the past 25 years, updating and modernising our systems and services so that we offer the best coverage options to our clients and customers at all times. We are happy to announce that MIB has taken giant steps to simplify the motor vehicle insurance process, giving thousands of Jamaicans fast, easy and direct access to a wide range of coverage options with the introduction of its innovative online platform,

Our online platform has ushered the local insurance industry into a new modern high-tech era where every Jamaican seeking coverage for hard-earned assets is able to compare offerings from multiple insurance companies and access the best policies they can afford. Clients using are able to renew their motor vehicle policies online and print their cover notes themselves. The platform now allows for the online processing of motor vehicle insurance, cover notes and invoicing. The next big Marathon step will find customers renewing their policies, reporting claims and having their claims settled on the online portal., the result of five years of innovation, is the latest step in this continued programme of upgrade. The platform is to be further expanded to provide wider services to the industry. Log on to and we look forward to your feedback.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 2

Q: What is a no-claim discount and how can I access this benefit?

A: A no-claim discount is one that you earn after having an insurance policy established in your name and not in an accident during insurance coverage period.

It makes good sense for you to avoid accidents at all costs, not only for the purpose of discounts, but safety on the roads which is key.

Discounts on motor vehicle insurance are available on In addition, each insurance provider offers a whole set of discount possibilities and these you are able to explore, compare and choose your best fit. provides you with a number of discount options, up to 60 per cent of the value of your policy. One of the great features of this platform is that you are able to browse all the policy options, including discounts from 10 top coverage insurance providers and choose the one that best suits your pocket. In fact, you are able to insure your vehicle quickly and with ease at affordable rates.

Looking forward to responding to your questions.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 3

Q: My new boyfriend has been driving my car and he is not a named driver. I have been reluctant to put him on my insurance because the relationship is still pretty new. I need an open policy that allows him to drive, which will not hike my insurance cost and not force me to name him on the document. Help!

A: It is very important to ascertain from your agent/broker/insurer if your current motor vehicle insurance policy is restricted or open. If the policy is restricted, then it is recommended that he is named on the policy to avoid a breach of your policy in the event of an accident. If the policy is open, you need to verify the driving age and licence requirements of your policy. If he meets the criteria, then he may occasionally drive your vehicle. However, if he is to be a regular driver on the policy, we would recommend adding him to the policy.

Reader, please remember that the cost of a claim can far exceed the additional premium required for the amendment to your policy.


Q: I just want to congratulate Marathon Insurance Brokers for taking this big step to bring so many policy options directly to us customers. I note that focuses on private motor insurance only. Can you tell us about any other plans that will be of benefit to us in the future?

A: Thank you for your kind sentiments. allows customers a one-of-a-kind experience by providing quotes from multiple insurance providers. It allows the customer to customise their policies to suit their individual needs. Not only can you compare quotes, you can purchase your policy and print your cover note and certificates from anywhere in the world. Additionally, through, you can access premium financing up to nine months … no hassle! We will further develop our online platform to allow our customers to report a claim online, check their statuses, and process their entire claim online without them having to visit our office. Our online platform will therefore be transformed into a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. We ask that you leave the worry to us.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Check out our Newsletter!

Business Interruption Insurance also called Consequential Loss or Loss of Profits Insurance provides cover for financial losses to your business, resulting from material damage to property caused by a catastrophe such as a hurricane or earthquake.

Apart from physical damage, the insured will most likely suffer loss of income and increased operating costs.  A lot of businesses are wiped out because they did not have this very affordable insurance protection.

Please see link to the full newsletter for more details: MIB January 2020 Newsletter

Also remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 4

Using A Broker Service To Purchase Insurance

Q: I have never considered using a broker service to purchase car insurance before, but I am seriously thinking about it. Can you please tell me what are the major benefits of using a broker, and what guarantee do I have that my claims will be processed without delay, despite not going to a provider directly?

A: One of the main benefits of using an insurance broker is that the broker has access to all insurance companies and policies. They will then advise you on the insurance coverage most suitable to you with the best price.

In the event of an accident, the broker is your ‘lawyer’. They adjudicate the settlement of your claim, while the insurance company is ‘judge and juror’. Always remember that while the assessor works for the insurance company, the broker works for you.

Should you file a claim, your broker will handle all matters, thus minimising the hassle and stress on you. As such, your claim is finalised in the shortest possible time.


Q: I am the person in my family tasked with the responsibility of purchasing insurance for multiple vehicles. Of late, I have been suffering from ill health and the mantle had to be passed to our son. While I trust our boy to do his best, I would like to be in a position to guide him on this major mission. Is there a way I can locate coverage choices for multiple cars, in a single place, so that I can compare prices and benefits without spending more time than I can afford online?

A: allows you to compare quotations from 10 insurance companies on one platform. The fact that you are insuring more than one vehicle, you are able to ascertain substantial discounts; but the most important benefit is to have 10 insurance companies competing for your business.

Email questions to:

Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 5

Q: I am very much interested in purchasing a newer model vehicle but I haven’t given much thought about insurance. A lot of persons are advising me that my premium will be very high but this will be my first car and I would very much like to purchase something which suits my taste. Is there a way for me to check the best deals before purchasing car insurance to influence the decision making process?

A: You are on the right track. Some makes and models are much more costly to insure than others as insurance premiums vary widely between different models. While you may have a particular preference in mind go to and look at what the various models and years along with the various coverage will cost you.


Q: Is it ok for me to have a learner driver driving my car – with me in it of course?

Thanking you for a response.

A: You may breach your insurance policy if you allow a ‘Learner’ even with you present to drive your vehicle. We suggest that you read the terms of your policy and if you remain in doubt – call your Broker.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 6

Q: Thanks for your very informative column. I must tell you that every year when the time to renew my car insurance is coming around, I literally get sick. I dread the thought of forking out thousands of dollars to pay for coverage in one go and even though there are quarterly payment options, it still offers me little comfort. I am paid fortnightly and was wondering if there is any help available anywhere that would take into account how I earn so that paying car insurance is not such a burden on me and others like me?

A: Thank you for the kind sentiments. offers the option to renew your policy online, which is much more convenient for the customer. In regards to your payment, it depends on when you start the policy. For example, as in your case, you are paid fortnightly; it would be best to start the policy around that time as you would have the cash to pay for the installments. platform allows you to make multiple payments, however, you must ensure that the full monthly installment is paid before the due date.


Q: I have been browsing MIBinsure and love the experience. I was wondering if there is any penalty if I choose to change my insurance option mid stream. I have seen through browsing MIBinsure where I can get the same coverage for so much less than I am currently paying and want to change to the better offer. How do I do this?

A: We are pleased that you love the online experience as our aim is to offer the best customer service to the user. To answer your question – if you have a current policy, you would have to cancel that policy before you are able to open a new one. Here is what I would do:

1) Get the best possible quote from

2) Find out what it would cost me to cancel the policy.

3) If after paying the cost to cancel the policy I am still saving money, then I would cancel.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 7

Q: I don’t have the highest budget but I would like to insure my vehicle in order to be in good standing. I have been told that Comprehensive insurance is the best option even though it is more costly, but I’d like to start off with something cheaper until I am able to afford the Comprehensive policy.

A: Comprehensive cover is the Cadillac of motor coverage but you are correct; it may not be ideal for your financial situation. There are things however you can do to reduce the cost of Comprehensive cover. You could for example, increase your excess from 5% to 10%. Additionally, you would then compare prices on and choose the insurer with the most cost effective price. You may be surprised at how much you have reduced your insurance premiums while continuing to enjoy the full protection of Comprehensive Cover.


Q: If I had a claim, (a) how will that affect my premium? (b) will my premiums be higher if I wanted to change my present insurer because I am dissatisfied with their renewal premiums?

A: You have asked a question that affects thousands of motorists. If you have a claim, some insurers (a) remove all your no claim discount (b) some remove part of your no claim discount and some even increase your premiums with what they call a ‘Loading’.

Fortunately, you are now NOT left to the mercy of your present insurer. Go to and carefully follow the questions. When you reach the claims section, complete it accurately and truthfully. One of two things will happen (1) you are ‘Referred’ that is, you are asked to call a special number and the person on answering will walk you through the quote process or (2) you will be shown multiple quotes, some of which most likely will be lower than the premiums your present insurer is quoting. In any event, is your best friend. Let me know how it works out – Good Luck!



Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 8

Q: I am a Jamaican currently living in the USA. I will return to Jamaica in July and I am interested in understanding the insurance landscape in Jamaica. I will purchase a midsized car likely a Rav4 or something like that. What would be the considerations, need to know etc for someone new to the market. I am over 55 with a valid Jamaican DL since the 1980s. Any information about what to expect will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

A: It’s good to hear from you! The first step to buying car insurance is actually shopping for it before you ever step foot on the lot to negotiate buying a car. When you have your choice of car narrowed down to a few, in your case, a Rav4, it’s time to shop around for insurance which best suits you.

Some makes and models are much more costly to insure than others as insurance premiums vary widely between different models. While you may have a particular preference in mind, go to and look at what the various models and years along with the various coverage will cost you. offers comparative quoting, printing of your cover note online and renewal of your policy, all for the convenience of the customer.

Prices people pay for the same coverage vary widely and no single company can claim to
be the cost leader. The insurance company that’s cheapest for one person might be more expensive for another person and sometimes for no other reason than age or gender.

To an auto insurance company, a driver’s age is a general measure of driving experience and propensity for accidents.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 9

Dear Shannon,

In regards to my query last week – being a Jamaican currently living in the USA and wanted to find out how the insurance process works, thank you for the information. I have gone on the site ( and tried it. It’s actually very good and I will be using it as I get closer to the date. Thanks again for your information.

Q: If I have a Comprehensive Insurance policy and was involved in a motor car  accident, what am I able to claim for?

A: An accident may impact your life on more levels than you could imagine, leaving you at a loss on how to cope. If you are involved in a motor accident and carry Comprehensive insurance you should feel a lot more at ease since a Comprehensive policy generally covers every aspect of your loss and by extension your claim less of course your deductible or excess  – damage to your car; damage to the third party’s car, personal injury to you are a 3rd party, legal fees, loss of use  of your car and a host of other benefits – go to www.mibinsure and get a quote, you will see all the benefits offered by every insurance company in simple language.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 10

Q: Do I have to file a police report after an accident?

A: The answer is YES! Whilst it is unfortunate, accidents will happen and there are certain steps you have to take in order to file for a claim. If you plan on seeking compensation, you will most likely need to file a police report, especially if more than one driver is involved. It is always a good idea so you have proof of exactly how the accident occurred and the scope of any injuries.

Filing the accident report will not only provide your insurance company with a basis on how to properly assess your claim but it will also give them an accurate ‘crash’ report.

An accurate report will ensure protection for you if there are any legal problems arising as a result of the car accident.

The information collected from the car accident can be one of the most important tools in determining fault and who is financially responsible for the accident.

Generally you need to include the following information  in the police report?
– The place where the accident took place
– The date and time of the accident
– Any damage to the vehicles involved
– Any injury sustained by drivers or third parties
– If the Third Party Driver was warned for prosecution

Having this evidence that supports your claim greatly improves your chances of a successful outcome.

An official document is always going to be more evidentiary than the opinion of either of the involved parties. Filing a police report will lead to the police officer’s opinion which is always helpful.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 11

Q: I purchased my policy online and received a seven-day cover note. Please explain the process I need to follow after my cover note expires?

A: Thank you for utilizing our website, We are delighted that you were able to generate your Cover Note and ready to go.

The Cover Note provides temporary coverage while you complete the policy transaction. You may be asked to upload additional documents to meet the requirements of the policy you selected. This has to be done in order to generate the actual policy certificate. It is important that you secure all required documents to complete the transaction before the Cover Note expires. So, within that seven day period, while the Cover Note is still active, gather all your paperwork, return to your account on and upload each document. You will then need to contact us at 876-929-1468 to verify the documents and complete the process. We will immediately extend your coverage from seven to thirty (30) days while your Certificate of Insurance is prepared.

It is always our pleasure to serve you.


Q: My policy will expire while I’m out of the country with limited access to the internet. Can I renew online before the expiration date?

A: Yes, you definitely can! Renewals can be done up to six (6) weeks before your policy expires. Simply log into your account on and select the RENEW option. You will need to complete a renewal questionnaire to verify and update your information. Having completed this part of the process, move to the second step, where you will be able to compare and choose the best coverage to suit your vehicle and your pocket. will provide you with the best quotations from four of the most competitive insurance providers, one of which will be your expiring insurer. You will be able to select the best price and policy you wish to purchase. Once you have made a selection and completed the payment, you are all set. A Cover Note will be generated to be effective on the date when the new coverage begins.

Here’s wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip overseas.


Shannon Samuda

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Communications Officer

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 12

Q: With Coronavirus all around, I am now working from home and for the most part, I am self quarantined. I would like to keep up-to-date with the monthly installments for my car insurance without breaking my quarantine. Is there a way to pay online?

A: Of course, there is a facility to make your payments online! There is no need to go in-branch, especially now when social distancing is a necessity. Unfortunately, online payments cannot accommodate cash at this time; however they can be made using a credit card or a visa debit card.

Here is how you do it. Login to and sign in using your email address and password. If you do not have a password, click the “forget your password” option and a link will be sent directly to your email account. You will use this link to generate a new password.

Once you are able to access your account, click on “payment” and then select the “make a payment option”. From there, you will see the outstanding amount on the policy. You should be able to make a payment using your credit card or visa debit card. Make sure that you have your card information handy and fill in the details as requested.

It is an easy process that you can do from the comfort of your home and at your own convenience.


Q: I have been using to renew my policy. I found the process surprisingly easy and very convenient. However, while I was using the portal, I realised that I did not have all the required documents handy. I now have the outstanding documents in my possession and would like to complete the transaction. Do I need to travel to your office to hand them in or can I resume and complete the process online?

A: Your safety is very important to us, especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you have access to an online service, whether on your cell phone or computer, we invite you to resume the process on to upload the outstanding documents. There is no need to make a trip to the branch.

You will need to properly photograph the documents so that all the information is legible and not obstructed in any way. Simply login to, click on the ‘sign in’ option and access your account using your email address and password. If you do not have a password or if you have forgotten what it is, then click on the “forget your password” option and a link will be sent to your email account. Use this link to generate your new password.

Once you are logged into your account, click on “renew my policy”. You will notice the “policy documents” option. When you select your policy number, you will be able to see all the documents that were already uploaded to your account. You will be given the option to load additional documents. Follow the instructions and upload the documents you had photographed as required.

If you have no online access, do not worry. Please call us on 876-929-1468 so we can explore another arrangement for you to submit the documents.



Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 13

Q: I just purchased my first car and I am really excited about having it insured! I have already selected my quote from the best choices offered. I must congratulate Marathon for this marvelous initiative. It was easy and convenient and the costs for the policy options for my vehicle were much lower than I expected. I think I am ready to pay for the policy I selected. What documents will I need to submit, as a first-time car owner?

A: Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of car ownership! Your car is a valuable asset. It will not only make your commute hassle free but it also opens a range of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of our island at your own convenience. We are happy that you enjoyed your experience.

If you are insuring Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft, a valuation report on your vehicle is required as your premium will be calculated with this in mind. For a Third Party policy, you may need a mechanical report based on the age of the vehicle. The difference between both reports is simply that the valuation states the market value of the vehicle while the mechanical report does not.

There are various documents that you may need to submit once you have selected the insurance policy you wish to purchase.

The check list below covers the minimum policy requirements:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate in your name
  • Certificate of Fitness
  • Proof of Address (utility bill, bank statement, signed letter from JP)
  • Driver’s License
  • Valuation Report or Mechanical Report

Please note that your policy may come into effect ahead of the submission of all the necessary documents. We will insure your vehicle for a period of seven days by issuing a temporary cover note which will allow you to drive while securing the outstanding paper work.

If you are still unsure, please call us at 876-929-1468. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to doing business with you.


Q: My policy is due for renewal soon but my car has engine problems and it will not be fixed in time. Will I be penalized for renewing after the expiration date?

A: We are so sorry that your vehicle is out of service and hope that the problem will be resolved soon.

At Marathon, we treasure our customers and serving you best is our priority.

You in fact have up to ONE (1) year after expiration to renew your policy without penalty. Renewal may be done using Simply log on to the portal and complete the process.

We recommend that you contact our Help Desk via email at or call us 876-929-1468, to speak with one of our certified agents who will happily assist you.


Shannon Samuda

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Communications Officer

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 14

Q: I logged on to as I was looking for the cheapest quotation possible for coverage for my car. I am very happy with the competitive rate options I was given. Unfortunately though, I am not able to afford the full premium at once, especially now, because I need to be frugal in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. I am able to make a deposit and pay the balance over time. Is there a way to do this?

A: We are glad that you found what you were looking for on This has been the experience of our clients who choose to engage online. Marathon, as your broker, will show you the best rates on the market and finance your coverage up front, so that you can manage your payments in reasonable installments. We provide financing for up to nine (9) months.

The site is very user-friendly and it will show you your monthly installments depending on how much you can afford to deposit and how long you would like to be financed. If you need help, just send an email to and a customer support officer will get back to you in less than five (5) minutes.


Q: I have a vehicle that is currently insured through MIB, however I am thinking of selling it and purchasing a new one. The policy I have now works very well for me. It is comprehensive, gives me road repair service and is heavily discounted. Will I be able to keep my policy and just switch vehicles?

A: Here’s what you do. Just go to and follow the instructions.

Changing vehicles is a big step and we are always here to keep you covered! Once you have purchased the vehicle, you have the option of keeping your old policy by doing a Vehicle Substitution amendment or closing that policy and insuring the new vehicle on its own.

I would still strongly suggest that you visit and browse to see if there are other policy options that may now be available that are as good or an improvement on what you currently have. will offer you the top options available, one of which may very well be the ideal policy for you.

Beyond this however, please feel free to contact our Help Desk via email at, and one of our customer support officers will get right back to you.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 15

Q: I was in the process of getting a quote on; however I am at a stumbling block as it relates to the No Claim Discount (NCD). My mother has been driving for over 30 years and has never had an accident or claim. Can I use her No Claim Discount on my new policy?

A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to benefit from your mother’s No Claim Discount.

To qualify for a No Claim Discount, you will need to meet the requirement below:

  • You insure a vehicle registered in your name and have not had an accident for over 1 year.

Your total NCD will be dependent on how long you have been accident free.

Do not worry if you do not yet qualify for a NCD. MIBinsure will ensure eleven (11) Insurance companies compete for your business which can result in huge discounts.

Should you need assistance, please feel free to contact our Help Desk via email at or call us 876-929-1468, and one of our customer support officers will get right back to you.


Q: If I want to renew my car insurance and I want to do so in two payments, can I still do it online?

A: Currently, will allow you to pay a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of nine (9) installments.

Should you need further assistance, feel free to contact our Help Desk via email at or call us 876-929-1468. One of our customer support officers will be more than happy to help you.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 16

Q: The first car I purchased was insured through Marathon. Your service has been exemplary. Now that I have acquired a second vehicle, I would like to insure it with Marathon as well. Is it possible to add my new car to the existing policy?

A: Thank you for choosing Marathon, serving you best is always our pleasure. Do accept our hearty congratulations on the purchase of your second vehicle.

We are delighted that your current policy is working well for you, and to inform you that all our policy options allow for the addition of other vehicles, of course with conditions.

As we did with the first car, we will walk with you through the process of adding your new car to your existing policy.

To begin the process, please contact our Help Desk via email at One of our certified agents will gladly provide you with assistance.


Q: I just bought a vehicle and would like to have it insured. I am a single mom with an adult son. Based on my health situation, I am not always able to drive myself, so it is necessary for someone else to have access to my vehicle from time to time. Can I add my son as the primary driver without incurring additional costs and/or penalties?

A: Congratulations on your car purchase!

As the insured, you do have the option to add a driver of your choice, in this case your son, to your policy. The provider will typically ask you to list the name and particulars of the primary driver of your vehicle. In most cases, the age and driving experience may have some impact on the policy and its cost.

However, as your broker, Marathon will provide you with the best policy option to suit your needs.

We also remind you that our portal provides you with an easy self-help, convenient process to explore coverage options offered by the eleven top insurance providers locally. In addition, by using the portal, you can get up to a 60 per cent discount on your policy. You would need to set up an account on and follow the process to choose the policy that best suits you.

Outside of this, please feel free to contact our Help Desk via email at and one of our certified agents will assist you further.

We wish you all the best and excellent reports as you overcome your health challenges.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 17

Q: My policy is due for renewal soon, but I have been working from home on account of the pandemic. I rarely, if ever, use my vehicle as I don’t go out socially or to church and my son does all my shopping. Since I am not on the road on a regular basis, is there any need for insurance at all? Does it make any sense to renew the policy now while my vehicle is securely parked and out of use in my garage?

A: The COVID-19 crisis has unfortunately affected all of us in a number of ways. It is good that you are able to work from the safety of your home and have family support in this situation.

Protecting your assets is very important during and beyond this global emergency. While your garage provides a level of safety for your vehicle, your insurance coverage offers protection beyond accidents on the road. There are other possible losses to consider such as theft, fire or damage caused even while the vehicle is stationary. With this, and the remote possibility of having to run an urgent errand, in mind, it is always best to keep your insurance coverage in place. Here is a bit of good news, you do not need to come into our office to renew your policy. This can be done from the safety and comfort of your home. Please login to our online portal and follow the instructions to renew. Please feel free to contact us at should you require further information. We are happy to assist.


Q: I was in the process of getting a quote on It is asking about my claim history. I was in an accident recently, however the vehicle I was driving is not the vehicle I am currently insuring. Will this still count as me having a claim?

A: I am sorry to hear about your recent accident and hope you were not hurt.

Once you were involved in an accident, you will need to state this and provide the required information although the vehicle being insured now is not the one you were driving at the time of the accident.

Your driving record could have some impact on the policy options which may be available to you. It suits you to be open and frank while completing the questionnaire. It is our priority to provide you with your best coverage option and we will need the information to ensure that we do this well.

If you need further information on this or any other matter, please feel free to contact us at One of our certified agents will gladly provide you with assistance.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 18

Q: I would like to put a Lien on a Motor Vehicle that I have put up for sale. The prospective purchaser has asked to pay in installments, but wants the car to be insured in his name. I have agreed to do this on the condition that the arrangement remains professional; hence my desire to have a Lien placed on the vehicle until the final installment is paid. Can you please provide some guidance in this regard?

A: As your Insurance Brokers, the advice we offer relates specifically to your insurance placement, available policy benefits and options, the processing of claims, the financing of your policy and all matters relating to full coverage of your vehicle. We are not positioned to offer advice on putting a lien on your vehicle given that the contract between the buyer and yourself is a private arrangement.

We strongly suggest that you consult a lawyer on this matter.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at


Q: I am now a regular and very happy user of However, I have been trying through the online system, to amend my record to reflect my new license plate number. I now have a different license plate number from the one you have on record and I would like to have this information updated.

A: The opportunity to update your record is available at the renewal date of your policy each year. You will have the option of changing the registration number once you are completing the renewal questionnaire on

Please feel free to contact us via if you need further assistance. One of our customer support officers will gladly walk you through the process.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Why Waste Money on Car Insurance?

Why waste money on car insurance when our online platform,, can help you save up to 60% or more on your motor insurance. #MIBinsure #NoWorriesBIGSAVINGS

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 19

Q: Does my insurance policy carry a grace period after my renewal date has passed?

A: The short answer is NO. The Law prohibits insurers from granting you a grace period. Most insurance coverage expires on the date stated on your Certificate of Insurance. Therefore, if the day after the expiration of your cover is a weekend or Public holiday, you must ensure your cover is renewed ahead of the weekend or Public holiday.


Q: What are my options if my insurer rejects my insurance claim?

A: There is an old advertisement which says – “The difference between your insurance company and your insurance broker is that you may just have a claim; because between what’s good for you, and what’s right for your insurance company is Marathon.”

If your insurance claim is rejected by your insurer, your broker should take up your case. Brokers work for you, not the insurance company. If on the other hand, you insured directly with the insurance company, then your insurer becomes judge and juror. In such an event, you may most likely need a Lawyer.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 20

Q: I wish to modify my car to boost its performance. Will it affect my premium?

A: If you decide to modify your car to make it more powerful or faster, we need to know. Unfortunately, such modifications increase the risks associated with operating your car and consequently your insurance premium will most likely increase. It’s always a good idea to check with your broker before you boost the performance of your car, that way there will be no surprises in the event you have a claim.


Q: I lost my insurance certificate. Am I able to obtain a duplicate?

A: If you lose your original Insurance Certificate, your insurer will provide you with a replacement but a small charge is attached to it. Luckily for you, our online system maintains a copy of your original certificate and we will be happy to send you a copy at no cost.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 21

Q: I installed a new music system in my car. Is it automatically covered by my insurance policy?

A: Not necessarily. Accessories, which were not fitted by the original manufacturer, are not automatically covered. It is therefore your responsibility to declare add-on accessories to your insurer – which generally will not cost you additional premium.


Q: Can I reinstate a lapsed policy?

A: Absolutely! However, this will largely depend on the reasons that cause your policy to lapse and whether or not you had an accident during the period that you were uninsured. Generally, you will need to sign a ‘No Loss Declaration’ which protects insurers from any liability during the lapse period and bring your premiums up to date. After that, you should be good to go.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 22

Q: Is my insurance still in force when someone else drives my car?

A: Many people are of the common misconception that when a friend or family member is driving their car the coverage is impacted. They think that the insurance coverage applies to the driver behind the steering wheel. However, this is not the case. Insurance applies to the vehicle. So, if someone who is not on your insurance plan is driving your vehicle, your insurance still applies in the case of an accident.


Q: What happens if I cancel my policy before the expiration date – am I entitled to a refund?

A: The simple answer is, yes. If you cancel your policy before it expires, you are usually entitled to a refund, but this is not without condition as it depends on whether or not the policy is a new business or a renewal. If it is a new business and you cancel six (6) months after the inception of the policy, you will not be entitled to a refund. If it is a renewal, regardless of the cancellation date, as long as it is before the expiration date, you are entitled to a refund.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 23

Q: Can I transfer my No Claim Discount to a more expensive car I recently purchased?

A: Yes you are able to transfer your No Claim Discount (NCD) to another vehicle or you could explore the possibility of sharing your NCD between the two vehicles. Please discuss your options with your insurance broker or insurance representative to see which option is better for you.


Q: I am looking to travel overseas for a while; can I suspend my policy during my absence?

A: YES! You can suspend your insurance policy when travelling. There is always the option of reinstating your policy on your return. Please contact our Help Desk at, and one of our agents will gladly walk you through the process.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers


Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 24

Q: While one tries to be truthful when completing your motor insurance proposal form, what if I inadvertently omitted to mention an accident I had years ago?

A: If this situation occurs, it is important that you immediately contact your Insurer/Broker and advise them of the accident; a Claims Experience Letter will then be requested.

A non-disclosure on your Proposal Form may result in an Insurer voiding your policy from inception or refusing to pay any future losses.


Q: If my personal belongings are stolen from my vehicle, are they covered under my motor policy?

A: Typically, if this benefit forms a part of your motor policy, your personal belongings are only covered where the motor vehicle itself was involved in an accident or the motor vehicle was stolen with the items being inside the motor vehicle.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 25

Q: I was informed of your COVID-19 Helping Hand Program and would like to find out what are the benefits? I am a nurse and my husband is a teacher.

A: Through our COVID-19 Helping Hand Program, now extended to August 6, 2020, we have introduced two new motor schemes to help to relieve some of the financial burden on our nurses and teachers.

New policyholders to these schemes may qualify for up to 60% discount on their premiums and 50% discount on their 2nd loan installment if they decide to finance their premiums.

Our existing customers will receive a 50% discount on their next loan installment, once they have applied and were granted approval. This applies to health care workers, teachers or persons who were laid off in the Pandemic. Again remember this  offer ends on August 6th


Q: I would like to apply for the Helping Hand Program and would like to find out how to go about it. Can you please assist.

A: The application process is really very easy.

Just go online at to complete your application. Upload a copy of your pay slip/work ID to verify your occupation or a copy of the letter from your employer advising that you were laid off.

If you need help, simply send an email to and our special team will get back to you within minutes.

No need to visit our offices as all applications must be processed online.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 26

Q: I started a new policy with Marathon on March 23, 2020, which I am financing for 6 months. I have since been laid off and don’t know how I will make my next month’s payment. What are my options at this time?

A: Thank you for contacting us. We are aware that the pandemic has left a number of our clients experiencing financial difficulties. No need to worry, we are in this together.

We have implemented our Helping Hand Program geared at providing financial assistance to our clients.  To apply, simply visit and fill out a quick questionnaire. Following your approval, we will pay up to 50% of your next monthly installment.

For further information, please contact us via


Q: I have imported a car and expect it to arrive in August. After clearing, hopefully within a week, I will need insurance.

Am I able to commence my policy using prior to the receipt of the vehicle?

A: We recommend that you seek insurance after you have received the clearance and Certificate of Fitness from the relevant Authorities.

However, allows you to insure your vehicle at a future date.


Q: I have recently shifted to a new address and changed my phone number, and would like to update the details in my policy accordingly. How best can I go about doing this?

A: You will be required to complete a Customer Information Form with this new information. Additionally, you are required to provide a copy of a current proof of address.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Cyber security coverage is vital

With an increasing number of countries encouraging citizens to stay, learn or work from home, the time is right to focus on cyber security and Cyber Security Insurance.

A Cyber Insurance policy covers the liability and costs incurred in the handling of a cyber-attack or breach, restoration costs for lost data resulting from a Cyber breach or any form of data breaches.

This special kind of policy is especially suited for businesses who handle sensitive data involving customer information, such as Taxpayer Registration Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Account numbers, Driver’s license numbers and health records.

It is wise for every business to get Proper Cyber Security Insurance coverage to protect your customer base.

While you explore policy options, here are some key tips to provide some basic safeguards for your information:

  • Back up all your important files, and store them independently from your system (e.g. in the cloud or on an external drive);
  • Always verify you are on a company’s legitimate website before entering login details or sensitive information.

Check your software and systems

  • Ensure you have the latest anti-virus software installed on your computer and mobile devices;
  • Secure email gateways to thwart threats via spam;
  • Strengthen your home network
  • Secure system administrations vulnerabilities that attackers could abuse
  • Disable third-party or outdated components that could be used as entry points
  • Download mobile applications or any other software from trusted platforms only
  • Perform regular health scans on your computers or mobile devices.

Be vigilant

  • Talk to your family members −including children − about how to stay safe online
  • Regularly check and update the privacy settings on your social media accounts
  • Update your passwords and ensure they are strong (a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters)
  • Do not click on links or open attachments in emails which you were not expecting to receive or coming from an unknown sender

If you do experience a Cyber breach, a solid Cyber Insurance policy will protect you from any loss sustained and any data regeneration costs.

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 27

Q: I am struggling financially and must do everything this year to save. I have been trying to cut the cost to insure my car. While every company claims to save you money on car insurance, I find this does not really happen in the long run. Can you advise me on how to save money while getting the best deal on car insurance?

A: Insuring your vehicle does not have to be expensive, exhaustive or frustrating. There is a way that is simple, easy, efficient and cost-effective. More good news is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to do this. Better yet, you can do it at any time, from any location, because it is online. Last year, Marathon Insurance Brokers (MIB) launched MIBinsure, an online portal that literally brings to your fingertips the widest variety of insurance policy options available from some 10 local providers. This system allows you to save up to a whopping 60% on insurance costs depending on the policy you choose. Please remember that a competitive market is beneficial to all consumers. Marathon knows this well, this is why we have put all this information together in one place. You are able to make sure you are getting the right coverage at the right price and at your perfect convenience.


Q: I am now a regular and very happy user of However, I have been trying through the online system, to amend my record to reflect my new license plate number. I now have a different license plate number from the one you have on record and I would like to have this information updated.

A: The opportunity to update your record is available at the renewal date of your policy each year. You will have the option of changing the registration number once you are completing the renewal questionnaire on

Please feel free to contact us via if you need further assistance.


Q: My girlfriend has been driving my car and she is not a named driver. I have been reluctant to put her on my insurance because, she is still pretty new. I need an open policy which allows her to drive, which will not hike my insurance cost and not force me to name her on the document. Help!

A: It is very important to ascertain from your Agent/Broker/Insurer, if your current Motor Vehicle insurance policy is restricted or open. If the policy is restricted, then it is recommended that she is named on the policy to avoid a breach of your policy in the event of an accident. If the policy is open, you need to verify the driving age and licence requirements of your policy. If she meets the criteria, then she may occasionally drive your vehicle. However, if she is to be a regular driver on the policy, we would recommend adding her to the policy.

Reader, please remember that the cost of a claim can far exceed the additional premium required for the amendment to your policy.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

COVID-19 does not spell certain death for every small and struggling business

For thousands of small businesses across the globe, the onset of the novel Coronavirus spells serious trouble. It has threatened their very foundation, eroded early gains and in many cases shut down operations completely.

For small business owners who risked personal assets to venture into their projects, the times are worrying.

Insurance coverage for small enterprises usually is not seen as essential, as funds are in short supply. However, a small business with basic health, life and travel insurance coverage stands a better chance of overcoming the COVID-19 odds.

While Business Interruption coverage has been popular among entrepreneurs, this type of policy is only applicable if there is physical loss or damage to the facility.  Property and liability policies, which are also high among the coverage options often exclude losses from infectious and contagious diseases.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, policyholders faced with corona virus-related losses are not without hope and can find coverage under the following policy options:


Life Insurance

The spread of COVID-19 has led to the death of over seven hundred thousand people worldwide. Unlike property and liability policies, life insurance policies do not apply exclusions based on the cause of death. Therefore, any claims under a life insurance policy due to corona virus will be paid. As such, it is wise that companies invest in group life policies to protect employees and their families.


Health Insurance

Exposure to the corona virus may result in testing, increased medical care and hospitalization. Therefore having adequate health insurance in place for employees can significantly offset any medical bills arising from the contraction of the virus.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses incurred during travel outside of one’s home country. This policy may also be extended to provide coverage for trip cancellation. In most cases travel insurance will cover any medical expenses incurred from contracting the virus.

While companies may not be able to claim under their property or business interruption policies for COVID related damages, it is important to explore other policies which may offer some kind of protection.

Perhaps the time has come for insurance providers to consider a framework of coverage for pandemic episodes as businesses with global footprints could create such a demand going forward.

Cyber Insurance – The Pros and Cons

You have plans for uninterrupted efficiency and success. But sometimes the world has other plans. How do you protect against losses should there be a temporary shutdown of your business?

Many businesses rely on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems to carry out their day to day activities. With an increase in the use of these systems, criminals and other malicious persons are quick to discover and exploit any associated vulnerabilities.

Cyber-attacks have become the new normal resulting in companies looking for ways to protect their businesses from emerging risks. Everyone is a potential target for hackers from large corporations to small businesses.

A Cyber Insurance policy covers the liability and costs incurred in the handling of a cyber-attack or breach, malware infection, business email compromise, cyber extortion demand, -and ransomware among others. While certain Cyber exposure may be covered under a Business Interruption[1] or Professional Indemnity policy, these policies are very limited in their coverage and therefore companies are still faced with a number of risks related to data breaches.

The questions now present themselves: what exactly is covered, and, more importantly, what are its main pros and cons?

Examples of Coverage Available

  1. Network Security

Cyber Insurance provides coverage against Network security breaches. With information and privacy risks abound, you need to keep your bases covered against network security failure. This includes malware infection, business email compromise, cyber extortion demand, and ransom ware.

  1. Network Business Interruption

Modern businesses tend to rely on advanced technology to remain operational. In the event of an incident, some form of interruption is imminent. A cyber insurance policy could potentially cover income losses, interruption expenses and special expenses as a result of a total or partial interruption, degradation in service or failure of the computer systems.

  1. Privacy Liability

When a breach happens, it can expose the sensitive data of your customers that lies on your servers. As a result, your business could be held liable. Cyber Liability Insurance will therefore provide coverage for payment on your behalf which you are obligated to pay as damages and claims expenses from your acts, errors or omissions following a privacy or security breach.

The benefits of buying Cyber Insurance

  • Greater executive awareness. Recognizing the scope of cyber risks and the severity of their consequences could pave the way for much-needed security initiatives.
  • Cyber insurance helps companies to offset the costs associated with cyber breaches
  • Cyber Insurance providers may also provide crisis management and risk mitigation strategies to reduce the probability of a cyber loss


[1] D.C. Judge Rules For Insurer, Dismisses Restaurants’ Business Interruption Claims



Marathon Helpdesk |Directors And Officers – Get Insured

Marathon Help Desk – Directors And Officers – Get Insured

Marathon Help Desk | Directors & Officers Liability – Get Insured 

It goes without saying that when your main asset is your people; your main risk will most likely come from people as well.

In recent years, this reality has become one of the trickiest aspects of insurance. It is further confounded with the emerging trend of the courts awarding millions in damages, spreading just about everywhere. This has resulted in the skyrocketing of premium costs for liability insurance.

Around the globe, fewer insurers are offering policies and specialty risks are getting harder and harder to cover. It is simple commonsense for you to protect yourself and your employees in cases where negligence, or an act or omission on your part exposes the company to claims for remedies from third parties.

The prevailing trend suggests that Governments and publicly traded Boards are more vulnerable to lawsuits since their ability to pay is perceived to be much higher than that of smaller entities.

In fact  Phil Norton – Senior Managing Director of the Management Liability Practice at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., who is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities in his field, posits that ‘As we entered 2020, the D&O market had been hardening since the spring of 2019, with some acceleration of price increases, many cuts in capacity on the more difficult risks, and underwriters pushing for higher retentions across several classes of businesses.”

The unquestionable fact is that all board members are personally exposed and are at risk of unexpected legal claims with consequential financial pain. Indeed, it could become a matter for judicial interpretation whether or not a publicly traded company that does not provide this basic protection had recklessly exposed itself to charges of negligence.

Companies need to carry two basic insurances to protect their Directors and Officers.

The two insurances are

  • PI – Professional Indemnity (errors & omission [E&O] insurance) and
  • D&O – Directors and officers Liability

The overview of both types of insurance coverage provided below is not intended to be exhaustive – you should always rely on your broker for advice tailored to your special circumstances. However, since D&O insurance is the policy most generally overlooked by companies, we will give it some focus.

 Directors & Officers Liability provide financial protection for the directors and officers of your company in the event they are sued in conjunction with the performance of their duties as they relate to the company.

It is important to highlight that the main function of D&O insurance is to protect the personal assets of the directors, officers and employees of a company (the “Insured Persons”) against claims brought by parties that have suffered a loss because of a wrongful act of an Insured Person.

A D&O wrongful act would be an act committed in the individual’s duty as a director rather than in their professional capacity i.e. duty as a manager of the company.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (E&O insurance) protects your company from claims if your client holds you responsible for errors, or the failure of your work to perform as promised in your contract.

Coverage includes legal defense costs – no matter how baseless the allegations. It will pay for any resulting judgments against you, including court costs, up to the coverage limits on your policy.

 Some examples of D&O losses include the following:

  • regulatory investigations
  • legal costs
  • settlements
  • damages
  • some fines and penalties
  • breach of duty as director/manager
  • neglect
  • error
  • omission
  • misleading statement
  • breach of trust

Since the directors manage the assets and control the company’s day-to-day affairs, they act as trustees of the company’s assets, and because they determine the activities of the company they have the legal obligation to ensure that their actions are bona fide and for the benefit of the company.

Directors are liable personally to pay losses suffered by the company following an act which is either illegal, outside of the company’s authority, beyond their power, or which evidences insufficient skill and care in managing the company’s affairs.

As such they are open to claims not only from the company itself, but also shareholders, employees, governmental or regulatory authorities, creditors, clients, competitors, the official receiver or the company liquidator.

It is highly recommended that the wording of the policy protects you from claims brought anywhere in the world, while firmly abiding by Jamaican regulations.


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Business Interruption Insurance [BI] – Are you covered?

Marathon Help Desk Feature

As an astute and responsible CEO, you have developed and implemented the perfect plans to ensure uninterrupted efficiency and success for your business.

Unfortunately however, sometimes the world has other plans that could stymie your best efforts. How do you protect against losses should there be a temporary shutdown of your business?

It is not just a matter of being safe instead of sorry.

It is acknowledging that your business is too important to leave any risk wide open. A temporary shutdown does not have to be permanent or debilitating with the right insurance behind you.

The Insurance Journal recently published a case brought by the owner of several restaurants against its insurer over business interruption due to the coronavirus shutdown ordered by the mayor.

The court, in dismissing the business interruption claim held that the restaurants’ insurance policy is not triggered, because the shutdown did not amount to direct physical loss.

Business interruption insurance (BI) also called  consequential loss and loss of profits insurance provides cover for the financial losses due to an interruption to a business caused by material damage to property’


BI and the Current Pandemic

While it is true that a typical business interruption policy would not cover the Covid-19 Pandemic, coverage for communicable/infectious diseases (which would include Covid 19) could be added as an optional coverage to the policy.

The dilemma with Covid-19 claims is that most businesses did not consider, or were even aware that that they were not covered for a pandemic risk. The devastating economic impact on businesses caused by this pandemic has awakened CEO’s to this exposure resulting in a huge spike in demand for the inclusion of Non-Physical Business Interruption options to their standard BI policies.

Non-Physical Business Interruption policies can be tailored by insurance experts who will assess your current exposures and then devise solutions to help protect you against these threats.

Companies need to consider how to keep their businesses afloat following temporary closure. For example, a hotel which is destroyed or damaged by fire, will suffer physical damage but in addition, the company will most likely also suffer a loss of business income from which to pay the expenses of the business and make a profit – this is where business interruption insurance comes in.

Every CEO, during this COVID-19 crisis, should give serious thought to calling in their broker to review their BI policies. While it may be too late for some, it is a lesson for all for the future.

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Marathon Helpdesk | Third Party Insurance – Is it worth it?

There is an old insurance advertisement which says – ‘…between what’s good for you and what’s right for the insurance company is US (your broker)’.

Is 3rd party insurance really worth it? – in most cases, absolutely NO!

In the old days it was hard work to find the best policy for your vehicle; but in today’s internet age, with a little effort there are shopping sites like where you can buy comprehensive insurance at almost the same cost as 3rd Party insurance. The trick is to let insurers compete for your business, not just renew your policy with the same insurer year after year.

Make no mistake about it, carrying comprehensive insurance can save you a lot of hassle in the event of an accident. If you bought comprehensive insurance, for example, and you had an accident, even if the other party refuses to admit liability, your insurance company pays your claim right away.

If, on the other hand you had purchased 3rd Party insurance, even if you are not at fault, you could wait months to get your claim settled if the other party insists you were at fault; it gets worse if they were not insured – you never get paid.

How do I get cheap comprehensive insurance?

Let us use an example – we will call you Peggy Ann. Let’s assume Peggy Ann has the following demographics and vehicle profile

·       Car Honda Civic
·       Occupation Nurse
·       Age 35
·       Age of car 7 years
·       Value $1.7M
·       Age Drivers Licenses 5 years
·       No Claim Discount – NCD 4 years
·       Tracking Device Yes


She next goes to clicked ‘get a quote’ and input the above profile information

Results of her internet search:

Insurer Comp – Quotes 3rd Party – Quotes
1 32,500.00 19,000.00
2 34,425.00 20,000.00
3 35,000.00 20,000.00
4 45,135.00 20,900.00
5 49,572.00 23,500.00
6 49,754.00 27,500.00
7 55,575.00 28,000.00
8 78,570.00 30,000.00
9 68,688.00 30,000.00
10 69,126.75 31,500.00

For $1,000.00 more she could have purchased comprehensive coverage from insurer #1 instead of inferior 3rd party coverage from insurer # 10.

Also compare Peggy-Ann’s Comprehensive vs. 3rd Party benefits

Benefits                                                 Comprehensive               3rd Party

  • Claim on her policy                                   YES                                    NO
  • Manslaughter Cover                           $250,000                         $500,000
  • Wrecker Fees                                       $30,000                                  NO
  • Windscreen Damage                          $50,000                                  NO

How was this possible?

  • The key is to shop around using the internet – get a quote. The truth is that the prices people pay for the same coverage vary widely and no single insurer can claim to be the low-price leader.
  • Increase your deductible from 2% to 7.5%, which means taking a little more of the risk, is a sure way to save a substantial amount of money.
  • Just remember that the increase in deductible also means that you will pay a little more if you have an accident, but you should seriously consider keeping the extra money you saved from shopping around plus the savings from increasing your deductible. If you have an accident, you have the money. If you don’t, you have extra savings to rock back on.
  • Install an anti-theft device
  • Buy through a broker – they have 10 insurers to choose from
  • Insure multiple cars on one policy. You have to buy insurance for the other cars anyhow. If you insure multiple vehicles, apply your NCD to the car with the highest value.

In addition you can get up to (9) months to pay – and no long lines or waiting in an office for hours since all your transactions are done online.


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How solid is your Property Insurance?

There is nothing like a natural disaster to test the worth, substance and reach of your property insurance. The perfect coverage for an orange means nothing is in it for you, if you are an apple. There is no such thing as ordinary business and as such you should never settle for ordinary insurance and yet too many businesses settle for a ‘one size fits all’ insurance policy that in the end fits no one.

As the nature, profile and risk of business change, your company will need to respond with insurance coverage relevant to your business. The last thing you want should your business suffer the misfortune of loss is a delay in getting back on track.

The Cadillac of property coverage is the ALL RISKS POLICY. A typical all risks policy protects the business or residence as outlined in Chart 1:

Chart 1

In addition, most all risks policies cover:

  • Alternative Accommodation
  • Loss of Maintenance Fees
  • Landscaping

The dirty little secret of Property Coverage:

You have heard many stories of rude awakening with policies not covering as much as one thought it would which brings us to the  ‘Pro Rata Condition of Average Clause (a.k.a. Underinsurance Clause’ or average clause).

This means – If at the time of ANY loss or damage the Sum insured is less than 85% of the full replacement value of the property insured in the case of your residence or 100% in the case of your business.

  • The company will be responsible for the difference between the Sum Insured and the full replacement value of the property Insured and shall bear a rateable proportion of the loss or damage accordingly.
  • Each and every item of the policy shall be separately subject to this condition.


Your broker has the technical know- how to reduce the 100% requirement by insurers for commercial insurance to 85% at a minimal cost. (Please see Chart 2)


Chart 2


The valuation report and it impact on the average clause

A valuation from the list of valuators approved by most banks is your primary guarantee you will not be in for a rude awakening when you make a claim on your property insurance. It is always a good idea to do a property valuation before you buy property insurance and to update your valuation at a minimum every two years. (Please see Chart 3)


Chart 3


Making a Claim – How to get paid quickly:

Should a broker come between you and your insurance company? Yes – especially if you have a claim. Most property claims can be settled within 45 days if you act quickly and listen to the professional advice of your broker. (Please see Chart 4)

Chart 4




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