Claims Management Services

Claims management is a key component in reducing overall insurance expenses.  Marathon is dedicated to professionally and efficiently processing your entire claims experience.

Marathon will provide you with our expert guidance until the final settlement of all claims. 

Employer’s and Third Party Liability cases by nature, need to be carefully monitored.  This begins from reporting date until the employees have returned to full duty, or immediately upon receipt of all Third Party claims.  Our claims staff is experienced and knowledgeable and will negotiate an equitable settlement.

An overview of Marathon’s claims assistance is noted below. 

Marathon Claims Assistance Defined

Marathon offers a package of services that includes the coordination, oversight and, as appropriate, full assistance in the negotiation of the casualty, property and motor claims of your organization.

Purpose of Marathon Claims Assistance

Our purpose is to implement prompt and fair adjustment and payment of insured property, motor and casualty claims.

Marathon’s Claims Assistance Process

  • We will assist you in the design of claims service instructions for use by insurers or other claims service providers that follow “best practices” to assist in reducing claim costs.
  • Marathon will continually monitor the actions of the insurer to assure that claims service is provided as agreed.
  • We will arrange or review loss reporting procedures and information systems as delays can increase the average cost per claim by more than 50%.
  • We will recommend reserve and settlement  amounts and provide status updates on any pending losses.
  • The Marathon team will complete semi-annual claim reviews and evaluate all reserves for deductible/retro adjustments and for more accurate loss history data. 
  • We will meet with safety consultants and loss prevention personnel to help understand and reduce frequency and severity, providing an integrated risk management approach.
  • A Marathon Team Leader will always accompany your representatives or assigned adjusters to the site of major losses.
  • Our Claims Department will inform you of important new court decisions applicable to your business.
  • Marathon will advocate, present and negotiate all your claims with insurers.     
  • We will attempt recoveries through salvage and other means where feasible.
  • We will negotiate and obtain partial or advance payments in the event of losses.
  • We will complete semi-annual reports regarding loss types and trends and meet with loss prevention representatives so that safety can be tailored to reduce frequency and severity of casualty claims.

Marathon Claims Assistance Benefits

The process outlined above will result in major benefits to your risk management programme.  We believe our involvement will translate into:

  • Reduced overall insurance premiums.
  • Fast, fair claims payments.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Reduced self-insurance costs
  • More accurate loss history data.
  • Information from loss trends to help reduce future losses.
  • An improved integrated risk management approach.

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