What to Do - If you have a claim?

Motor Theft

  1. Report the loss to the police within twenty-four (24) hours.
  2. Complete and sign the claim form.
  3. Submit all original documents – registration certificate, fitness certificate and endorsed certificate of title.
  4. An investigator will be appointed. This usually takes, on average, four to six weeks to be done.
  5. A recommendation for payment will be made by the investigator/assessor.
  6. A release for payment will be prepared, for signature by you.
  7. A cheque will be prepared within five to ten working days.
  8. If the vehicle is recovered, the loss is treated as an own damage claim and steps 4 to 7 of the Own Damage Claim steps would now need to be followed.

Motor Windshield/ Glass

This covers damage to the windscreen where there is no other damage to the vehicle.

  1. Procure a pro forma invoice from the windscreen repairer and present to our offices, along with the vehicle, for inspection. (Some Insurers request that the vehicle be taken to them. Please call for further details.)
  2. Vehicle documents should be presented and the claim form completed and signed.
  3. Authorization of repairs for the windscreen damage, will be prepared within three working days (if all information and documentation is submitted).

Motor Collision

  1. Do not accept liability for any accident that occurs, even if you consider yourself at fault.
  2. Obtain information on the other person involved in the accident –
    • Name of the Owner of the vehicle
    • Licence number of the vehicle
    • Insurance information – Name of Insurer, policy number and expiry date
  3. Report the incident to the police within 24 hours of the incident.
  4. Complete and sign the claim form and submit along with the estimate of repairs. (The estimate of repairs should come from the garage which will effect repairs to your vehicle.)
  5. An assessor will be appointed, to whom the vehicle should be delivered for assessment. If the vehicle cannot be driven, the assessor will make an appointment to come and assess the vehicle.
  6. After assessment, recommendation for payment will be made and an authorization for repairs will be prepared for the garage or a release for payment will be prepared, for signature by you.
  7. If a release for payment was prepared, a cheque will be prepared within five to ten working days, depending on the Insurer.

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