Manageable Risks - Self-insurance

The perfect coverage for an orange means nothing if you're an apple. There's no such thing as ordinary business and as such you should never settle for ordinary insurance. And yet too many businesses settle for 'one size fits all' insurance policies that in the end fits no one. As the nature, style and risks of business change, your company will need to respond with insurance coverage relative to your business.

Organizations that are looking for alternatives to traditional insurance can look to Marathon for creative risk financing options. We're leaders in introducing organizations to self-insurance.

Protected self-insurance is a system in which an organization retains and handles the manageable, predictable risks within its operations, and transfers the catastrophe risk. Excess insurance is placed with specific and aggregate limits so the organization can anticipate cost in the program.

Depending upon your financial strength, by electing to self insure some of your risks, your organization gains more control over the cost of the risks. With Self-insurance you can also improve coverage and limits, improve loss control and enhance the management of your claims.

As you work with Marathon to get the perfect insurance coverage, we will help your company gain greater efficiency, security and success because, between what's good for you and what's right for the insurance company is us.

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