Business Interruption

Business Interruption

You have plans for uninterrupted efficiency and success. But sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. How do you protect against losses should there be a temporary shutdown of your business?

Marathon, through our local and international insurance andĀ reinsurance partners, will source theĀ appropriateĀ Business Interruption Insurance to protect you against shutdowns resulting from property damage.

It’s not just a matter of being safe instead of sorry. It’s acknowledging that your business is too important to leave any risk wide open. A temporary shutdown does not have to be permanent with the right insurance behind you. Marathon will customize for your business’ specific kinds of risks. With a wise investment in interruption insurance a setback doesn’t have to be a setback at all.

Give us a call today – because between what’s good for you and what’s right for the insurance company is us. Marathon Insurance Brokers.

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