Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Increasingly, Employee Benefits is becoming a key magnet to attract the “cream of the crop” and to keep the best talents you have. Unfortunately, it is also one of the fastest rising costs to businesses. The largest line item [Health Insurance] on your employee benefits budget is also typically the hardest to maintain due to rapidly rising premiums.

Employee benefits packages do not come cheap and costs can rise exponentially as your company expands. Furthermore, once you offer a benefit, it is awkward to take it away should the economy turn south.

This is where Marathon comes in:

If you are involved in anything as complex as the staff costs associated with a Merger & Acquisition or contemplating introducing or improving your existing staff benefits, then let us use our know how to guide you.

Our team has the qualifications and experience to design effective employee benefits programmes for the most diversified employers. Marathon will provide the services you need in the following areas:

  • – Group Health Insurance
  • – Group Life Insurance
  • – Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • – Group Pension Planning and Administration
  • – Sports and Travel Insurance

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