There is nothing like a natural disaster to test just what your property insurance is made of. You’ve heard many stories of rude awakenings, with policies not covering as much as one thought it would. The last thing you would want, should your business suffer the misfortune of a loss, is a delay in getting back on track.

Marathon’s first concern is you. We provide a full array of products and services customized to suit the needs of our clients. Before contracts are signed, we investigate your specific business needs, the risks seen and unseen that are involved and through our local and international insurance and reinsurance partners source appropriate insurance and risk management assessment and appraisal services.

Your business is as individual as you are. Marathon will ensure that you get insurance to match. What is your “world of risk?”: Before we even suggest insurance Marathon gets to know your operations by helping you determine:

  • – Your insurable assets, loss history, financial ability to retain risk
  • – Current Insurance available and the conditions involved
  • – How to eliminate coverage gaps
  • – Risk retention levels you can sustain

Marathon will customize programs to fit your specific needs.

Over the last 20 years we have built a reputation as a leading provider of insurance services to corporate Jamaica. Our experiences ranges from placing coverage for enterprises engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of products to large risks, including airports; sea-ports; utilities; banks and municipalities.

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