How solid is your Property Insurance? There is nothing like a natural disaster to test the worth, substance and reach of your property insurance. The perfect coverage for an orange means nothing is in it for you, if you are an apple. There is no such thing as ordinary business and as such you should never settle for ordinary insurance […]

Marathon Helpdesk | Third Party Insurance – Is it worth it? There is an old insurance advertisement which says – ‘…between what’s good for you and what’s right for the insurance company is US (your broker)’. Is 3rd party insurance really worth it? – in most cases, absolutely NO! In the old days it was hard work to find the best policy for your vehicle; […]

Business Interruption Insurance [BI] – Are you covered? Marathon Help Desk Feature As an astute and responsible CEO, you have developed and implemented the perfect plans to ensure uninterrupted efficiency and success for your business. Unfortunately however, sometimes the world has other plans that could stymie your best efforts. How do you protect against losses […]

Marathon Helpdesk |Directors And Officers – Get Insured

Marathon Help Desk – Directors And Officers – Get Insured Marathon Help Desk | Directors & Officers Liability – Get Insured  It goes without saying that when your main asset is your people; your main risk will most likely come from people as well. In recent years, this reality has become one of the trickiest […]

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