Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 11

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 11

March 20, 2020 2:02 PM

Q: I purchased my policy online and received a seven-day cover note. Please explain the process I need to follow after my cover note expires?

A: Thank you for utilizing our website, We are delighted that you were able to generate your Cover Note and ready to go.

The Cover Note provides temporary coverage while you complete the policy transaction. You may be asked to upload additional documents to meet the requirements of the policy you selected. This has to be done in order to generate the actual policy certificate. It is important that you secure all required documents to complete the transaction before the Cover Note expires. So, within that seven day period, while the Cover Note is still active, gather all your paperwork, return to your account on and upload each document. You will then need to contact us at 876-929-1468 to verify the documents and complete the process. We will immediately extend your coverage from seven to thirty (30) days while your Certificate of Insurance is prepared.

It is always our pleasure to serve you.


Q: My policy will expire while I’m out of the country with limited access to the internet. Can I renew online before the expiration date?

A: Yes, you definitely can! Renewals can be done up to six (6) weeks before your policy expires. Simply log into your account on and select the RENEW option. You will need to complete a renewal questionnaire to verify and update your information. Having completed this part of the process, move to the second step, where you will be able to compare and choose the best coverage to suit your vehicle and your pocket. will provide you with the best quotations from four of the most competitive insurance providers, one of which will be your expiring insurer. You will be able to select the best price and policy you wish to purchase. Once you have made a selection and completed the payment, you are all set. A Cover Note will be generated to be effective on the date when the new coverage begins.

Here’s wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip overseas.


Shannon Samuda

Marathon Insurance Brokers

Communications Officer

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