Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 16

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 16

May 01, 2020 2:02 PM

Q: The first car I purchased was insured through Marathon. Your service has been exemplary. Now that I have acquired a second vehicle, I would like to insure it with Marathon as well. Is it possible to add my new car to the existing policy?

A: Thank you for choosing Marathon, serving you best is always our pleasure. Do accept our hearty congratulations on the purchase of your second vehicle.

We are delighted that your current policy is working well for you, and to inform you that all our policy options allow for the addition of other vehicles, of course with conditions.

As we did with the first car, we will walk with you through the process of adding your new car to your existing policy.

To begin the process, please contact our Help Desk via email at One of our certified agents will gladly provide you with assistance.


Q: I just bought a vehicle and would like to have it insured. I am a single mom with an adult son. Based on my health situation, I am not always able to drive myself, so it is necessary for someone else to have access to my vehicle from time to time. Can I add my son as the primary driver without incurring additional costs and/or penalties?

A: Congratulations on your car purchase!

As the insured, you do have the option to add a driver of your choice, in this case your son, to your policy. The provider will typically ask you to list the name and particulars of the primary driver of your vehicle. In most cases, the age and driving experience may have some impact on the policy and its cost.

However, as your broker, Marathon will provide you with the best policy option to suit your needs.

We also remind you that our portal provides you with an easy self-help, convenient process to explore coverage options offered by the eleven top insurance providers locally. In addition, by using the portal, you can get up to a 60 per cent discount on your policy. You would need to set up an account on and follow the process to choose the policy that best suits you.

Outside of this, please feel free to contact our Help Desk via email at and one of our certified agents will assist you further.

We wish you all the best and excellent reports as you overcome your health challenges.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

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