Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 27

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 27

August 14, 2020 9:09 AM

Q: I am struggling financially and must do everything this year to save. I have been trying to cut the cost to insure my car. While every company claims to save you money on car insurance, I find this does not really happen in the long run. Can you advise me on how to save money while getting the best deal on car insurance?

A: Insuring your vehicle does not have to be expensive, exhaustive or frustrating. There is a way that is simple, easy, efficient and cost-effective. More good news is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to do this. Better yet, you can do it at any time, from any location, because it is online. Last year, Marathon Insurance Brokers (MIB) launched MIBinsure, an online portal that literally brings to your fingertips the widest variety of insurance policy options available from some 10 local providers. This system allows you to save up to a whopping 60% on insurance costs depending on the policy you choose. Please remember that a competitive market is beneficial to all consumers. Marathon knows this well, this is why we have put all this information together in one place. You are able to make sure you are getting the right coverage at the right price and at your perfect convenience.


Q: I am now a regular and very happy user of However, I have been trying through the online system, to amend my record to reflect my new license plate number. I now have a different license plate number from the one you have on record and I would like to have this information updated.

A: The opportunity to update your record is available at the renewal date of your policy each year. You will have the option of changing the registration number once you are completing the renewal questionnaire on

Please feel free to contact us via if you need further assistance.


Q: My girlfriend has been driving my car and she is not a named driver. I have been reluctant to put her on my insurance because, she is still pretty new. I need an open policy which allows her to drive, which will not hike my insurance cost and not force me to name her on the document. Help!

A: It is very important to ascertain from your Agent/Broker/Insurer, if your current Motor Vehicle insurance policy is restricted or open. If the policy is restricted, then it is recommended that she is named on the policy to avoid a breach of your policy in the event of an accident. If the policy is open, you need to verify the driving age and licence requirements of your policy. If she meets the criteria, then she may occasionally drive your vehicle. However, if she is to be a regular driver on the policy, we would recommend adding her to the policy.

Reader, please remember that the cost of a claim can far exceed the additional premium required for the amendment to your policy.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

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