Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 3

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 3

January 24, 2020 12:12 PM

Q: My new boyfriend has been driving my car and he is not a named driver. I have been reluctant to put him on my insurance because the relationship is still pretty new. I need an open policy that allows him to drive, which will not hike my insurance cost and not force me to name him on the document. Help!

A: It is very important to ascertain from your agent/broker/insurer if your current motor vehicle insurance policy is restricted or open. If the policy is restricted, then it is recommended that he is named on the policy to avoid a breach of your policy in the event of an accident. If the policy is open, you need to verify the driving age and licence requirements of your policy. If he meets the criteria, then he may occasionally drive your vehicle. However, if he is to be a regular driver on the policy, we would recommend adding him to the policy.

Reader, please remember that the cost of a claim can far exceed the additional premium required for the amendment to your policy.


Q: I just want to congratulate Marathon Insurance Brokers for taking this big step to bring so many policy options directly to us customers. I note that focuses on private motor insurance only. Can you tell us about any other plans that will be of benefit to us in the future?

A: Thank you for your kind sentiments. allows customers a one-of-a-kind experience by providing quotes from multiple insurance providers. It allows the customer to customise their policies to suit their individual needs. Not only can you compare quotes, you can purchase your policy and print your cover note and certificates from anywhere in the world. Additionally, through, you can access premium financing up to nine months … no hassle! We will further develop our online platform to allow our customers to report a claim online, check their statuses, and process their entire claim online without them having to visit our office. Our online platform will therefore be transformed into a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. We ask that you leave the worry to us.


Shannon Samuda

Communications Officer

Marathon Insurance Brokers

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