Catastrophe Claims Processing

Catastrophe Claims Processing

The following guidelines are to be carefully adhered to in order to avoid problems in the handling of claims.

Clients must observe the Following:-

  • Steps must be taken to protect self and property
  • Temporary repairs can be undertaken to protect property and to prevent further loss
  • Bills/receipts relating to temporary repairs are to be kept for submission
  • Photographs are to be taken of damage, if possible
  • Detailed estimate of damage is to be obtained as quickly as possible but within thirty (30) days
  • Claim Form with pertinent information must be completed fully, signed and dated
  • Where the claimant lives abroad and an agent or family member oversees the business, the relevant Power of Attorney must be obtained from the outset and not when the claim is being finalized.  This will minimize delay
  • It is important that clients pay special attention to the application of the Average Clause notification letter which would have been attached to their policy.
  • In the event there is insurance on Contents, efforts must be made to salvage the property.  A detailed list of damaged items giving full description, estimated cost and the date item was obtained must be provided
  • It is imperative that all claims be reported immediately, but no later than thirty (30) days after the event.
  • Any other insurance(s) on the property must be declared including any interest of the National Housing Trust (NHT), etc.

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