Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 4

Using A Broker Service To Purchase Insurance Q: I have never considered using a broker service to purchase car insurance before, but I am seriously thinking about it. Can you please tell me what are the major benefits of using a broker, and what guarantee do I have that my claims will be processed without […]

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Business Interruption Insurance also called Consequential Loss or Loss of Profits Insurance provides cover for financial losses to your business, resulting from material damage to property caused by a catastrophe such as a hurricane or earthquake. Apart from physical damage, the insured will most likely suffer loss of income and increased operating costs.  A lot of businesses […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 3

Q: My new boyfriend has been driving my car and he is not a named driver. I have been reluctant to put him on my insurance because the relationship is still pretty new. I need an open policy that allows him to drive, which will not hike my insurance cost and not force me to name […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 2

Q: What is a no-claim discount and how can I access this benefit? A: A no-claim discount is one that you earn after having an insurance policy established in your name and not in an accident during insurance coverage period. It makes good sense for you to avoid accidents at all costs, not only for […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 1

We, at Marathon Insurance Brokers (MIB), have remained committed to excellent insurance brokerage service over the past 25 years, updating and modernising our systems and services so that we offer the best coverage options to our clients and customers at all times. We are happy to announce that MIB has taken giant steps to simplify […]

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