Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 12

Q: With Coronavirus all around, I am now working from home and for the most part, I am self quarantined. I would like to keep up-to-date with the monthly installments for my car insurance without breaking my quarantine. Is there a way to pay online? A: Of course, there is a facility to make your […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 11

Q: I purchased my policy online and received a seven-day cover note. Please explain the process I need to follow after my cover note expires? A: Thank you for utilizing our website, We are delighted that you were able to generate your Cover Note and ready to go. The Cover Note provides temporary coverage […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 10

Q: Do I have to file a police report after an accident? A: The answer is YES! Whilst it is unfortunate, accidents will happen and there are certain steps you have to take in order to file for a claim. If you plan on seeking compensation, you will most likely need to file a police […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 9

Dear Shannon, In regards to my query last week – being a Jamaican currently living in the USA and wanted to find out how the insurance process works, thank you for the information. I have gone on the site ( and tried it. It’s actually very good and I will be using it as I get […]

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