Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 15

Q: I was in the process of getting a quote on; however I am at a stumbling block as it relates to the No Claim Discount (NCD). My mother has been driving for over 30 years and has never had an accident or claim. Can I use her No Claim Discount on my new […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 14

Q: I logged on to as I was looking for the cheapest quotation possible for coverage for my car. I am very happy with the competitive rate options I was given. Unfortunately though, I am not able to afford the full premium at once, especially now, because I need to be frugal in light […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 13

Q: I just purchased my first car and I am really excited about having it insured! I have already selected my quote from the best choices offered. I must congratulate Marathon for this marvelous initiative. It was easy and convenient and the costs for the policy options for my vehicle were much lower than […]

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