Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 18

Q: I would like to put a Lien on a Motor Vehicle that I have put up for sale. The prospective purchaser has asked to pay in installments, but wants the car to be insured in his name. I have agreed to do this on the condition that the arrangement remains professional; hence my desire […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 17

Q: My policy is due for renewal soon, but I have been working from home on account of the pandemic. I rarely, if ever, use my vehicle as I don’t go out socially or to church and my son does all my shopping. Since I am not on the road on a regular basis, is […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 16

Q: The first car I purchased was insured through Marathon. Your service has been exemplary. Now that I have acquired a second vehicle, I would like to insure it with Marathon as well. Is it possible to add my new car to the existing policy? A: Thank you for choosing Marathon, serving you best is […]

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