Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 26

Q: I started a new policy with Marathon on March 23, 2020, which I am financing for 6 months. I have since been laid off and don’t know how I will make my next month’s payment. What are my options at this time? A: Thank you for contacting us. We are aware that the pandemic […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 25

Q: I was informed of your COVID-19 Helping Hand Program and would like to find out what are the benefits? I am a nurse and my husband is a teacher. A: Through our COVID-19 Helping Hand Program, now extended to August 6, 2020, we have introduced two new motor schemes to help to relieve some […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 24

Q: While one tries to be truthful when completing your motor insurance proposal form, what if I inadvertently omitted to mention an accident I had years ago? A: If this situation occurs, it is important that you immediately contact your Insurer/Broker and advise them of the accident; a Claims Experience Letter will then be requested. […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 23

Q: Can I transfer my No Claim Discount to a more expensive car I recently purchased? A: Yes you are able to transfer your No Claim Discount (NCD) to another vehicle or you could explore the possibility of sharing your NCD between the two vehicles. Please discuss your options with your insurance broker or insurance […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 22

Q: Is my insurance still in force when someone else drives my car? A: Many people are of the common misconception that when a friend or family member is driving their car the coverage is impacted. They think that the insurance coverage applies to the driver behind the steering wheel. However, this is not the […]

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