Cyber Insurance – The Pros and Cons

You have plans for uninterrupted efficiency and success. But sometimes the world has other plans. How do you protect against losses should there be a temporary shutdown of your business? Many businesses rely on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems to carry out their day to day activities. With an increase in […]

COVID-19 does not spell certain death for every small and struggling business

For thousands of small businesses across the globe, the onset of the novel Coronavirus spells serious trouble. It has threatened their very foundation, eroded early gains and in many cases shut down operations completely. For small business owners who risked personal assets to venture into their projects, the times are worrying. Insurance coverage for small […]

Marathon Help Desk Feature – Part 27

Q: I am struggling financially and must do everything this year to save. I have been trying to cut the cost to insure my car. While every company claims to save you money on car insurance, I find this does not really happen in the long run. Can you advise me on how to save […]

Cyber security coverage is vital

With an increasing number of countries encouraging citizens to stay, learn or work from home, the time is right to focus on cyber security and Cyber Security Insurance. A Cyber Insurance policy covers the liability and costs incurred in the handling of a cyber-attack or breach, restoration costs for lost data resulting from a Cyber breach or any form […]

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